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Statement on diversity and inclusion

The Heyduk lab is a space that values the individuality and unique perspectives, ideas, and lived experiences that all its members bring to the lab community. We strive to be inclusive and work towards equity in our science, teaching, and outreach. Please see recommended readings below (updated semi-regularly and not at all exhaustive).

Reading lists

Papers & Other Readings

  • Tuck and Yang, 2012. "Decolonization is not a metaphor." Link to PDF.

  • Abrahams RS, 2020. The Molecular Ecologist blog. "The brief history of African Americans in Evolutionary Biology, and why that is the case." Link.

  • Graves Jr. JL, 2019. "African Americans in evolutionary science: where we have been, and what’s next." Link.

  • Jennings et al., 2023. "Applying the ‘CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance’ to ecology and biodiversity research." Link.

Other resources

In progress!

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